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Folk Artist Drew A. Will Releases Latest Single ‘Rainbows Coalesce’

Multi-instrumentalist Drew A. Will unveils his latest single, "Rainbows Coalesce," offering a glimpse into his expansive sonic universe. Lifted from his upcoming EP, '12/12,' this track promises a rich tapestry of folk-inspired melodies while pushing the boundaries of Drew's musical exploration. 

"Rainbows Coalesce" is a masterclass in composition, with Drew effortlessly capturing the essence of natural beauty through a diverse array of acoustic textures. From the gentle strumming of the guitar to the dynamic interplay of violin and flute, each instrument finds its place within the intricate tapestry of sound, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience. 

Produced by Diogo Sarabando, who also lends his talents as the bassist and backing vocalist alongside Alex Valentine, "Rainbows Coalesce" strikes a delicate balance between intimacy and expansiveness. Despite the complexity of the instrumentation, Drew's meticulous attention to detail ensures that each element shines through, providing a spotlight for every nuance of the composition.


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