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Ahmee Releases Optimistic Hyperpop Anthem: Own Lane

Ahmee is back bursting into 2022 with another certified banger. He’s leaning into the good vibes of his sound as he releases ‘Own Lane’, a more optimistic anthem than we’re used to from the rapping singer-songwriter. Switching between English and Thai, the multi-faceted artist is carving a space in the modern music landscape with his unique brand of rock-inspired rap.

Inspired by his own experiences in the past few years, ‘Own Lane’ is an optimistic anthem from Ahmee. It’s more pop than his usual sound. I mean, compared to tracks like ‘Purpose,’ ‘NYC’ or ‘Russian Cream’, Own Lane is a swerve in a whole new direction. And I’m not mad about it. With a hyperpop soundscape swimming in vibrant synths and intricately interwoven melodies, this track boasts radiates good vibes from the get-go. The drums hit hard through your headphones; the way the snare slaps through the softer synth lines is utter ear candy. Ahmee’s vocals are flawless throughout this hyperpop-meets-electro anthem. He sails over the synths below, standing front and centre in the mix. Ahmee has flexed his unique flow before, yet this track takes this up and coming artist to a whole new level. The hooks in this track are some of the catchiest I have heard in a while. He effortlessly rides the beat with captivating cadences on each bar as he discusses his experiences with relationships, drugs, hustling and, of course, hyping himself up. There’s nothing better than a rapper that’s not afraid to get real — anD that’s exactly the kind of artist Ahmee is.

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