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ALDRED brings his unique multi genre offering to the fore in 'Yikes'

aldred's latest single 'Yikes' is a captivating delve into the artist's intricate musical universe. The track invites the listener on an auditory journey filled with lush and layered synths that create a dreamy, immersive atmosphere. aldred's ethereal vocals, reminiscent of artists like Loyle Carner and Fred again, are the guiding light through this enchanting soundscape.

What sets 'Yikes' apart is its exploration of the theme of social anxiety, a topic that aldred navigates with sensitivity and depth. The track encapsulates the moment when self-doubt and insecurity overshadow social interactions. In this state, everything said may sound foolish, and every laugh may seem out of place. aldred skillfully translates the multifaceted nature of social anxiety into music, crafting a song that resonates with those who've experienced the weight of this emotional burden. Check it out now.

Stream 'Yikes' in full here:


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