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Alessi Brothers Release Timeless Album 'Eden Roc'

Alessi Brothers have just released another stellar album ‘Eden Roc’. This album oozes with nostalgia. Harking back to the era of the Beatles, although which era I could not tell you. Alessi Brothers manage to fuse together the hallmarks of a Lennon-McCartney hit from various phases and form a fresh, renewed sound. Whilst scoring the daily soundtrack of celebrities like Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski, being sampled by The XX and lending their harmonies to Taika Waititi’s film ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople,’ they haven’t taken their feet off the gas. Their latest release Eden Roc is an effortless evolution for the duo of brothers.

“When brothers harmonise there’s just something special about the blend,” Billy said.

This couldn’t be more true for the ten-track album. ‘Suite’ sets the tone of album with a slew of stunning synths and ethereal sounds. Billy and Bobby Alessi sound phenomenal from the first refrain. With eighties ad libs and effortless belts, the two voices melt into each other to make musical magic. They cut through each soundscape on the album with captivating confidence as they toe the line between intimate and empowering with ease. ‘Survive’ shows off the slower side to their artistry. As the brothers reflect on the strenuous times of the past few years, they employ a sweeping saxophone, gentle keys and hauntingly stacked harmonies to sculpt a softer soundscape than their other tracks. With all these elements swelling and sinking into one another, the gentle climaxes of this track create a tidal feel floating throughout this track. Throughout the whole album they create lavish rise and falls, fusing with the dynamic instrumentation to create both subtle and strong crescendos. This record is undeniably versatile. I mean, in ‘Suite’ alone there’s at least three varying genres sewn into the song. ‘Sugar Plum’ puts a country spin on their timeless sound. ‘Beautiful Day’ brings up the tempo with a techno-infused track, bursting at the seams with striking synth lines and bounding bass lines. ‘So Many Maybes’ is a captivating take on a classic love ballad, made all the more intriguing by the satisfyingly stacked harmonies sailing through. There isn’t one track out of all the eleven that make up this album that couldn’t be a standalone single. The versatility and vibrance of this whole album is outstanding. The Alessi Brothers’ have outdone themselves with this timeless record ‘Eden Roc’, with a track for every mood.

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