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Alexis Rodriguez crafts together his meticulous indie electronic sound in 'Blue Room'

Mexican singer-songwriter, producer and mixing engineer Alexis Rodriguez delights with his latest single 'Blue Room'. Born and raised in Mexico City, Alexis's journey as a creator began at the age of nine when he picked up his first guitar and started writing and composing music. Now, with years of experience under his belt, Alexis is ready to make his mark with his unique brand of electronic and psychedelic pop.

His new single ‘Blue Room' is a captivating synth-pop track that effortlessly blends electronic and psychedelic elements. Alexis harnesses the power of analog synths, paired with a driving 4-on-the-floor kick and a rhythmic pulsation from a Moog synth bass. The arpeggiated synths add a raw, gritty texture, contrasting beautifully with Alexis's deep and potent vocals, delivered with a soft gentleness.

It's reminiscent of artists like RY X, with layers of instrumentation that build and evolve throughout the song. Drawing from his Mexican heritage and a range of sonic influences, Alexis creates a multi-textured sound that immerses listeners from start to finish. We implore to check out this brilliant and multi-textured electronic pop single now.

Stream 'Blue Room' here:


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