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Ali Lamb Releases Stunning Single 'Complete'

Ali Lamb is back with another stunning single, ‘Complete’. The Melbourne based singer-songwriter has been on a roll of late with a string of singles colouring our daily soundtracks. Her single ‘Complete’ is a sweet edition to the acoustic atmosphere of her discography. With the lyrics that empower her music, you wouldn’t think this lyrical poet is just twenty one years old! Yet, Ali Lamb uses her every day experience to evoke emotional, real and relatable songs.

‘Complete’ is a classic love song. Carried by the strums of Ali’s guitar, the soundscape is swimming in optimism and hope. It perfectly the reflects the message at the heart of this track, that once you find that person that completes you, nothing will ever feel so good. Ali’s vocals are outstanding throughout this track, as she navigates a beautiful journey from the intimate, restrained first verse to the empowered, confident last chorus. Her gentle vibrato that subtly punctuates her lyrics is utter ear candy. There’s a nice fusion of acoustic and electric guitars intertwining within the sonic landscape. As the electric guitar creeps in, it mirrors the strengthening of love as time goes on, until it reaches the solo that encapsulates the freedom of falling in love. ‘Complete’ is a completely wholesome track, bursting at the seams with optimism and hope and beautifully bottles up that feeling that some of us have, and some of us are waiting to find.

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