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Alt-pop songstress Amorie unveils romantic offering 'Goddess'

Amorie stands out from the crowd with her authentic and original alt-pop sound. Having always skewed toward the cinematic, with sweeping soundscapes and hyper-metaphorical lyrics, Amorie taps into everything from heartbreak to climate change, all while leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

Now the artist returns with her dreamy new offering ‘Goddess’. The track came to fruition while working with long-distance producing partner Patrick Perez, as Amorie recalled a beat he shared with her when they began working together 5 years ago. The lightness and breezy energy of the track finally felt like it could be realised.

In Amorie’s own words:

“Patrick started the beat some time ago, and I always loved it and wanted it to be a part of our project, but it didn’t feel right to actually write to it until quite recently. I think I grew up seeing a lot of broken, stressed, forced relationships and echoed this in my own life. During the past few years I’ve gotten to better understand myself in a way that’s allowed me to relax into relationships and show a deeper vulnerability that lends itself to the kind of calm love ‘Goddess’ is about. I’ve also found this love in more relationships — not just monogamous partners, but also girlfriends, platonic friendships. These relationships can be just as filling and beautiful when they’re rooted in that sense of mutual growth.”

Listen to Goddess on SPOTIFY HERE


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