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Amarachi unveils gorgeous ballad 'This is How'

Released on the 13th of August, Amarachi’s soulful new single “This is How” feels like an instant classic. Cementing legendary status from the first note, you could hear this assertive number in a heated cinematic movie scene. As featured on MTV show ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’, “This is How” is certainly turning heads within the entertainment industry. Hailing from Nigeria but spending her life travelling with her passion for singing always being at the forefront, Amarachi started singing at the age of 9. Gaining experience from the time she spent in the modelling scene in New York, this multi-talented artist is destined for greatness.

Sharing her thoughts on the release, Amarachi shares, “It’s an optimistic song about individuals having the power to control the ending of their story.” Written by Amarachi Onyeise and Fiona Reid, the track was further produced by Nick and Mike Squillante from “Running Lights”. Musically, ‘This is How’ comes across as a soul-pop infused contender that steals the spotlight from the normal mainstream attire. A powerful soundscape that comes across as empowering and vibrant, Amarachi’s vocals are breathtaking throughout. Prone to the appeal of feel-good film lovers, Amarachi’s distinctive songwriting could easily land her a sync deal within a matter of months.


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