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Amey St. Cyr Captivates With New Single 'Do You Feel It Too??’

Following on from her debut release 'Life’s Too Short', a nu-disco dance anthem, comes the new single 'Do You Feel It Too??’ from London-based artist Amey St. Cyr. It’s a bold disco anthem that will have you dreaming of the dancefloor. Amey’s powerful vocals meet insatiable production from Dan Clarke, in this lustrous dance track about two people feeling some chemistry. "Will this be the great romance?? A one-night-stand?? Or will it be love??’ Whatever it may be, it's electric.

Once more, Amey continues to lift our spirits and transport us from the humdrum of lockdown life into a twilight fantasy complete with glitter ball. Amey is a truly inspiring individual who speaks about mental health including her own personal battles, and seeks to spread a little joy through her music. Music is her therapy and she hopes that it can be therapy for those who listen to her music too. A song about infatuation during a time when so many of us feel disconnected and isolated offers some much-needed respite and has us hoping that in the near future we might enjoy a little chemistry with each other again. The music venues and dance floors might be out of bounds for now, but seriously, turn up your speakers and close your eyes - you’ll be there soon enough.

Watch Amey in conversation, as a guest on Edition 2 of Trust The Doc TV with Neil March below:

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'Do You Feel It Too??’ is officially out on January 25th on all major online platforms.


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