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An ode to personal evolution: Aves drop ‘Transformations’ album

Finnish Electro-pop trio Aves have released their immersive ten-track album ‘Transformations’. The transportative and immersive soundscape fuses electronic pop with soaring synthesizers and introspective lyrics. The sleek production combined with the soulful vocals showcase the expansive quality and impeccably stylish Nordic pop Aves have become known for. The band’s previous supporters include BBC 6Music’s Lauren Laverne, Mikko Gordon (Arcade Fire, Radiohead) and Danish electronic artist Lydmor. Retro futurism inhabits the world of Aves which can be heard throughout the band’s lush catalogue of songs that fuse analog elements with a futuristic point of view.

The synth-laden, dreamy focus track of the album is the charming ‘Not Go Home’, featuring Lake Jons. The band have collaborated with director Terézia Halamová for the captivating music video:

‘Transformations’ encapsulates the essence of change in its myriad forms; from man to woman, from adolescence to adulthood, from grief to hope. After all, we’re never truly the same person that we were yesterday. Even when we do nothing, our cells regenerate, transforming one’s very being by the day. Change is inevitable and from Aves’ perspective, it should be celebrated.

This is a theme that has deeply touched the lives of each of the members, as the band themselves explain: “As the album was a long time in the making, all members have experienced considerable personal change. Some have gone through a mental healing process, others have battled addictions, and some have been dealing with the aftermath of significant disclosures.”

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