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An Unforgettable Debut Album from Heavy Metal Band Reap the Light

American Groove-Heavy Metal band Reap the Light have dropped their unforgettable debut album 'Deliver Hell'. A medley of metal tracks

The songs on this album reflect great diversity in the writing, while staying true to the genre of Metal.

The band have crafted a very distinctive and personal sound, and are clearly masters of their craft. Reap the Light was formed in November of 2020 in the United States by Reverend Kuzz (bass/guitar) and Orion Hellraiser (guitars/drums). Featuring a number of guest appearances, you will not be bored when listening to this incredibly entrancing album.

The powerful opening track 'Burn in Hell' will instantly grip you with its raucous guitar and bellowing lead vocals. The song sets the scene perfectly for what what we expect within the depths of this album. The next track introduces a more frantic rhythm that will have you up and moving. Killer guitar riff and a hypnotic vocal from guest singer Nathalie Astrada. The tone of the album is dark and twisted. A stand-out song for us is 'The Reckoning' with it's sense of urgency and drama; a wash of heavy guitars and drums with the crash of the cymbal; it's impossible to ignore. The title track 'Deliver Hell' does not disappoint, with it's absolute killer hook and incredible vocal arrangement. Not to mention the guitar solo that leaves you well and truly obsessed.

'If I Give a Damn' features a stellar vocal performance from female guest vocalist Chloe Ozwell... this is a badass track about discovering who you are. 'Hollow' takes a more melancholic turn and offers a moment of pause and reflection within an otherwise non-stop heavy album. The gorgeous layers of strings and piano make for a truly enjoyable listen. There's something so very cinematic about this track, and the sadness of the lyrics and vocal, coupled with the beautifully crafted musical arrangement, shows the diversity of this band. Track 7 of the album 'Dark as Night' is a song who's title is perfectly encapsulated by the music. This haunting number is sure to send shivers down your spine. Track 8 brings more of a bite back, with it's unapologetic attitude and brash mesh of guitars and groove. Another highlight for us is the unique 'Descend to Madness' which brings a touch of classic rock to the mix, and we love the way it leads into the finale of 'Victory of Near'. This final song is a total celebration of metal music. This album - from start to finish - will have you entranced. So what are you waiting for?! Go stream it now!

What are the band up to these days? - They are constantly working on new music and are in collaboration with Tim Ripper Owens on a song called, Back to Bedlam.

For more info, visit the band's FACEBOOK

This album was recorded at “Haxan Studios” in Edomex, Mexico, and mixed/mastered by Orion Hellraiser.

Stream 'Deliver Hell' on Spotify now:


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