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Angel District mesmerises with his unique and wondrous brand of EDM in "Carry Me Home"

With a fusion of soul-stirring melodies and pulsating rhythms, Angel District crafts a musical journey that transcends the ordinary in new single "Carry Me Home", inviting listeners into an ethereal realm of emotion and innovation.

His music is a mesmerizing fusion of genres, a testament to his classical training and innate ability to navigate the depths of raw human sentiment. Angel District's compositions traverse traditional boundaries, painting vivid sonic landscapes that defy categorization, capturing the essence of heartfelt storytelling through sound.

Renowned for remixing tracks for acclaimed artists such as Illenium, Seven Lions, Kenya Grace, and JVNA, Angel District's presence extends far beyond the studio. His performances in Las Vegas, sharing stages with notable acts like Manila Killa, coupled with support from influential figures within the EDM sphere like Culture Code and Juuku, speak volumes about his impact on the industry.

At the heart of Angel District's live shows lies an enchanting synergy where his music becomes an immersive experience. Each chord and beat unites the audience, transcending mere sound to become a collective emotional journey, binding hearts in a shared experience of musical euphoria. Check it out and see for yourself.

Stream "Carry Me Home" now:


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