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Asher Laub Drops 'Dreaming Awake'

Cutting-edge electric violinist Asher Laub is back with another original project, 'Dreaming Awake.' Released on October 14, the track encourages a different way of looking at the world...

With over 1.2M streams across multiple platforms such as TikTok, Asher Laub's music undeniably commands both fans' and new listeners' attention. Asher's latest release, 'Dreaming Awake', is sure to uplift you with its catchy, feel-good melodies and infectious dance groove. This unique fusion of classical and pop is remarkable and it certainly takes a true talent to pull it off. You really can’t go wrong with this artist’s exciting vision, as Asher Laub combines familiar elements with innovative ideas, blurring the lines between a big variety of influences without ever compromising his creative spirit. In addition to that, the charisma of this artist shines through here, perhaps more than any other record he has released to date.

Asher is known for dancing across concert stages with his LED electric violin, in addition to performing as a DJ violinist, bringing his experience as a live performer and technical prowess as an audio editing and mixing guru to countless clubs and venues across the USA.

'Dreaming Awake' is now available on all major music platforms, including Spotify. Follow Asher Laub via his website and Instagram to learn more about him.



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