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Australian producer Late Night Therapy returns with "Feel Something"

Late Night Therapy, an up-and-coming Australian producer, is making big waves in the music scene with his invigorating progressive-house sound. His latest single, ‘Feel Something’, is a powerful and uplifting song that showcases his unique style and talent.

Late Night Therapy has been working tirelessly on a bunch of new music throughout the summer and plans to release a new single every couple of weeks throughout 2023. ‘Feel Something’ is the third single from him so far this year, and it does not disappoint. The song is a perfect representation of Late Night Therapy's style, with pulsing beats, echoing synths, and haunting vocal layers. But what inspired him to create such a powerful and emotive song? In a recent interview, Late Night Therapy shared that the song was born out of a time in his life where he felt very numb and was missing the deeper feelings of emotion.

"I didn’t feel sad or happy, I just felt neutral," he said. "So I started throwing myself into more extreme situations in the pursuit of feeling something. I started becoming addicted to the more chaotic experiences as normality and order had become boring and lifeless."

To create ‘Feel Something', Late Night Therapy wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the song in his home studio. He used analogue synths, electric guitar, and distorted vocals to create the rough, dark, and powerful energy that he was feeling at the time. Late Night Therapy's unique approach to music production has garnered attention from fans and industry professionals alike. With his invigorating progressive-house sound and emotive lyrics, ‘Feel Something’ is a perfect example of what makes him so special.

The song is available on all major streaming platforms, and fans can expect even more great music from Late Night Therapy throughout the year. Keep an eye out for his upcoming releases, and be sure to give ‘Feel Something’ a listen – you won't be disappointed.


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