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'Autograph' marks the start of an exciting new year for The Fur

Through an array of collaborations with prominent songwriters and vocalists since their emergence onto the music scene last year, in no-time at all, rising artist The Fur has become an exciting new name on the pop and EDM scene. Hailing from Sweden, The Fur have rapidly become known for delivering expertly crafted bold and energetic dance-pop soundscapes. Already having garnered a mass of support from a variety of tastemakers, The Fur have already reached an impressive 650k+ streams on Spotify alone.

"My music is a process of returning home to my roots. The foundation is the love of creativity and the joy of being in music."

Coming back with their first ear-catching hit of the year, and their dazzling new single, The Fur have once again captivated listeners with their brand new track, Autograph. A taste of their sound and artistry, Autograph is a perfect combination of dance-pop goodness.

With a big and bold production, the vibrant soundscape seamlessly brings together, and effortlessly layers, an array of different instruments to create a punchy and dynamic soundscape; perfectly layered beneath emotive and lively pop-rock vocals. Touching upon one of the most pertinent political events that occurred over the course of the pandemic, in January of last year; in addition to the bold melodies and vocals, Autograph also showcases The Fur’s talent for hard-hitting and candid storytelling.

And exiting musical talent, The Fur is not one to miss.

Listen to the single here:

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