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Autumn Jones: A Captivating Neo-Soul Sensation

Talented singer-songwriter Autumn Jones has been making waves with her dreamy and groovy Neo-Soul sound, captivating audiences with her flawless vocals and meaningful lyrics. Autumn's deep connection with the combination of words and music is evident, as she hopes to move others with her songs and lyrics, just as they have moved her.

Autumn's latest offering, ‘In The Rain’ opens with blues-tinged percussion, instantly setting a mesmerizing atmosphere that seamlessly blends soul and R&B. The track showcases Autumn's elegant and sophisticated vocals, stealing the spotlight and leaving listeners in awe. The slick drum sequences and heartfelt lyricism delve into the profound significance of life's journey and the transformations it brings.

‘In The Rain’ is the lead single from Autumn’s new EP ‘4.4.4.’, an enthralling work of art that adds to Autumn's growing repertoire, destined to resonate deeply with fans of soul, R&B, and blues.

Listen to the new release below:


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