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Avenue Army Shares New Single 'Favorite Enemy'

Avenue Army’s “Favorite Enemy” is a crunchy rock single, which starts off with the band stating, “Something’s gotta change.” It’s a song about facing a bad situation and being ready to make it better. Based in the San Diego area, Avenue Army has created a powerful hard rock track.

The song’s title is a bit of an oxymoron, if you think about it. Nobody truly wants to have enemies, and certainly not so many that they can name a favorite one. Then again, there is a many times unspoken pleasure in severely disliking someone else. There’s an old song that’s all about finding someone easy to love called “You’d Be So Easy to Love.” Then again, though, many have people in their lives that are similarly easy to hate.



The track begins with noisy electric guitar chords and a noodle-y electric guitar riff. The vocals enter in with an obvious sense of purpose. Once the chorus comes along, it’s sung group vocal style.

Although the music is decidedly modern, the melody may remind you of classic grunge music.

The song’s best part is found right about in the middle. During one of the piece’s verses, one can hear a bit of jangly guitar underpinning the singing. It sounds a bit like one of those great The Cult songs from the ‘80s. Not when the group was aping AC/DC, but when it was still considered a bit Goth-y, and experimenting with darker, moodier sounds. It’s the best moment because it’s so unexpected. When the song starts, the listener expects it to go pretty much the same way all the way through. And then the band throws the listener a bit of a curve. You may not think it will fit, but when you hear it, you’ll likely say to yourself, ‘This makes sense.’ It’s a little like when somebody says how two foods taste good together. In your mind, you simply cannot imagine these two creating a pleasant taste. That is until you eat them. Then you must admit they go together well. Such is this part of Avenue Army’s middle section to their song.

Oddly, the group doesn’t sound especially angry while performing this song. Yes, the music is loud and hard, and there are assertive vocal parts. However, the overall feel is, well, positive. Maybe this enemy

deserves to be an enemy and everybody knows it. It’s not as though the person that dislikes him/her has the problem; no, this unliked person has it coming – maybe, from a lot of people.


Rock music is one of the best genres to explore bad relationships. You just can’t get all your anger out in an EDM dance track. You need guitars turned up to 11, at least, and you just growl until you get it all out of your system. Avenue Army knows well how to use this musical style to express strong emotions. It’s always heartening to hear an uncompromised rock song, like this one. This ain’t no wimpy track. This is, instead, a series strong words put to a super strong track.


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