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AXLS' ‘Discotek’ Is Moreish Electro Dancepop

If you haven’t heard of AXLS yet, you've been missing out. AXLS’ debut concept album, ‘First Contact’, arrived in early 2020. The album followed the tale of humanity’s battle with an alien race and each track represents a different chapter of the story. The group are now planning to release a few singles before moving onto their next big project. ‘discotek’ is an electropop dance track and is the first to be released.

'Discotek' is a real floor filler which represents how it feels to get lost in good music. We've all been there - that feeling when you’re dancing your heart out and just don’t want to stop. Music can transport a person away from their worries and allow them to live in the moment – and this song reminds us of this, especially at a time when we all miss dancing. Take us back to the discos! This song will transport you there - so turn up the speakers and let the music fill your veins.

Stream Discotek here:

Watch the music video here:

Join AXLS on their musical adventure by visiting their website:

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