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BeastBoyPappz created the UK's current trend in music-"UK Grime."

BeastBoyPappz is a 22-year old aspiring independent multi genre artist whose sound combines melodic rap with traditional hip hop and Afroswing to create the UK's current trend in music called "UK Grime."

He is based out of Harrow, North West London, where it has always been home for him. The young lad was always more significant than his fellows, and so he not only gained attention from the beginning but put his strength to the proper use and won his favourite football tournaments in school.

But BeastBoyPappz never gave up on his dream of music and, at 14 years, thought of participating in Britain's Got Talent, which somehow never happened for him. Yet, nothing stopped him from making his music, which much worldwide love now!

  • Pain- Let it all out

A true artist has emerged victorious from his struggles and wishes to help people do the same. And even though BeastBoyPappz is a very young man, he has a lot through his yearly years and chased his dream only to make it a reality for him.

He has genuinely mastered different genres, and from an early age, he wrote his songs which said a lot about his personality and life. Hence, BeastBoyPappz is all set to release his new song, Pain. This song is all about one's struggle and running behind one's dream.

Whether it is your dream job, finding love or having your own home, Pain talks about the frustration of a person who is stuck in the loop with no way out. It is when you can neither move forward nor go back and feel suffocated, stuck in between.

The Pain is a song that talks about the reality of chasing one's dream and the struggles. It talks about the time when you feel close to your dream yet are so far away. BeastBoyPappz has never shied away from discussing his struggles with the world because he knows how hard the times can be, and you need someone to understand you, stand by you and give you that one little push in the right direction.

  • A Truthful Melody

BeastBoyPappz has gained much popularity in little time because of his songs that contain beautiful vocals, meaningful lyrics and fun beats. But is that only why people love him?

No! this young lad is the Jack of all trades and hence, has diversified his skills to master different genres to keep his fans entertained. His music is impressive where you wish to move a leg to it while it hits the right cords of the heart.

All of BeastBoysPappz's songs have been amazing until now, but his new song, Pain, is sure to sweep you off the feet. This song is about the singer's struggles and talks to everyone who has at least once struggled in their life and succeeded to reach their dreams. He beautifully communicates reality through his lyrical composition and encourages people to move on because there is always a way out!

Listen 'Pain' here:



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