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BenBen Blends Art Rock with Folk Magic in Upcoming Collaborative EP ‘White Elephant’

BenBen is enchanting listeners with his new EP, 'White Elephant', a collaboration with artist Lily Desmond. Both prominent figures in New York City’s indie scene, their partnership blossomed out of adversity, marking a significant evolution in their musical careers.

The EP opens with the genre-blurring track ‘Leaky Ship,’ setting the stage with its mesmerizing blend of folk-inspired melodies and synthetic textures. This enchanting opener quickly gained traction, amassing over 22,000 streams in its first month alone. From there, BenBen and Lily Desmond navigate through a rich tapestry of sound, culminating in the hard-hitting, rock-infused conclusion of ‘Sunniest Sentiments.’

Their collaborative journey began amidst the turmoil surrounding BenBen’s debut album, ‘Sincere Gifts,’ which required last-minute revisions just weeks before its release. Finding solace and creative synergy in each other, BenBen and Lily embarked on a musical exploration that led to the creation of ‘White Elephant.’ This EP serves as a testament to their resilience and shared artistic vision, offering a musical sanctuary for those navigating life’s challenges, particularly those grappling with anxiety.


This Summer, BenBen + Lily will return to the UK and EU for a three week tour. Their trek begins in Glasgow, continues down to Newport's buzzy Le Pub on 19 July, and then zig zags all around the UK including stops in Trowbridge, Bristol, London, Manchester and many other regions! A full tour itinerary will be released after 'White Elephant' debuts.



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