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Bigman & The Birdseeds vs Capitalism: New Single 'I Don't Wanna Work... NEVER!'

The release of a new Bigman & The Birdseeds track means the release of a monster. That’s exactly what ‘I Don’t Wanna Work… NEVER!’ is; a monster of a track.

Bigman himself sums up what this Bristol-based indie rock trio are all about: “We like to have fun… but take our fun very seriously”. This really shines through their recordings, as there is a clear sense of enjoyment and fun as the raw energy is so obvious, but they have definitely put some serious time and effort into mastering their craft… which is absolutely no easy feat.

This song is a rollercoaster guided by several dynamic elements; snarling vocals singing lyrics of hatred towards the capitalist working system, thrashing guitar sounds spitting out violent chords, unique and hard-hitting drumbeats, and of course some filthy basslines.

‘I Don’t Wanna Work… NEVER!’ really keeps you on your toes as it fades out with attitude, having you think the song is all over, just to emerge from the pit of hell once more. This rowdy trio are making sure people are aware of their presence in the music game.

Listen to their new single here:


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