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Binary Drift's Single 'The Guilded Age' Is A Hidden Gem

Binary Drift is the solo project of songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren. Music had been in the back-burner for a while (too long) as he had grown tired of “chasing” songs that did not have a real feel. Originally from Lima - Peru, and after many years in the US he moved to Madrid back in 2010. In late 2017 he met Spanish producer Josemi Sánchez -who has worked as a session & live musician with the likes of Alejandro Sanz and Raphael- and after a quick conversation they started working on the songs that would eventually become the album “Pocket Tunes”. The album was released in 2019 and is a stunning collection of 14 songs showcasing this songwriter's unique talent for crafting indie pop with a hint of folk. One of the stand-out tracks on this album is 'The Guilded Age' which truly is a hidden gem you need to dig up and have a listen to.

There is a raw honesty to this track, and an optimism ('silver and sunshine' as the lyrics go) peaking through some moments of melancholia. The song begins with gentle guitar melodies and honest vocals, before being joined by some more percussion for the chorus. It is a song which soothes the listener - verse two introduces some piano to the mix too, which is a beautiful addition to the instrumentation.

Let's here about the song in the artist's own words:

"'The Guilded Age' -and its lyric video- is the latest track I release, and it is part of the string of singles of my debut album 'Pocket Tunes'. It touches upon trying to find a balance in our lives, how not everything we see or aim for isn't that valuable unless it has soul. It also, describes how we ought to give ourselves the chance to move forward for the better.

I sourced the title after the late 19th era 'the Gilded Age' in the US where there was great economic growth and at the same time abject poverty and inequality. I had added the U in 'gilded' as a joke mirroring Nirvana's spelling of 'nevermind', only to find out that 'guilded' is the old spelling."

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Stream 'The Guilded Age' on all platforms right here:

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