• Isabel Thompson

Bonnie Lola deliver an alt-rock jam with 'Vanilla Ice Cream'

With a huge amount of support already coming their way over the last year, Bonnie Lola have now returned with their latest anthem ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’.

Bringing a mix of alt-rock drive, powerful riffs, and frontman Grady Neff’s soaring vocals at the helm, 'Vanilla Ice Cream' is the hard and loose power jam we are all in need of right now.

Speaking about the new single, Grady said, The song is about a fleeting addiction that hooks you on the first taste. You might forget over time or move on, but once you've had it, it will remain a memory forever.” Listen to 'Vanilla Ice Cream' below: https://soundcloud.com/bonnie-lola-band/vanilla-ice-cream/s-z3BhxdJciJz


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