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Brixton Alley deliver the fun and bouncing new single 'This Party Sucks'

Taken from their forthcoming new EP ‘303’, which is due out on the 8th January, ‘This Party Sucks’ sees the trio crack out one of their best and anthemic releases to date. Fast and frantic from start to finish, expect to be humming this one out long after you've first heard it.

Speaking about the new single, the band said, “This Party Sucks was born out of a year spent mostly in lockdown in Melbourne. The song title is a nod to the fact that 2020 has been like being stuck in a rubbish party that you don't want to be in. “As for the song itself, it also has a deeper social commentary running through it. The idea that a lot of people conform to certain styles and ways of life and if you don't fit in then life can be tough. The protagonist is at a party where they feel just like this - out of the loop and as if they don't fit in. But then they see someone... drinking champagne, wearing Dr Martens, clearly standing out from the crowd and they realise they're not alone and actually, being yourself is what really matters.”

Have a listen:


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