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‘call u mine’ Is The Latest Single From SAPPHIRE

A delicate, emotional ballad that pulls on your heart strings, call u mine is the latest release from singer-songwriter, SAPPHIRE, and is set as the first single from her upcoming EP.

Singing ‘I fell so fast, I admit it’, the track feels like a vulnerable conversation between two people going through a break-up. Notable for turning her ‘overthinking into songs’, this is another authentic and sincere release from SAPPHIRE, making her even more likeable as an artist. With glorious orchestral tendencies, weaved in between soft piano melodies, the production complements her warm vocal tone perfectly.

Despite her inherent influences of Carole King and Carly Simpson, she sounds reminiscent, especially for this track, of rising star and indie-pop, singer songwriter, Holly Humberstone.

With having over 600,000 subscribers already, built because of her determination and hard work put into sharing covers on YouTube, SAPPHIRE is sure to expect even more success. But this time with her own music and wonderful compositions.

Follow SAPPHIRE on her relevant streaming platforms below and stream ‘call u mine’ from the 26th of November 2021.


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