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CHAD! Releases New EP: Serenity

A project that is sonically reminiscent of the likes of The Weekend and Drake, CHAD! continues to explore his soulful, R&B inspired musical direction with this new EP – Serenity - but this time, in collaboration with singer and songwriter, Tim Moyo. Released on the 1st of January 2022, hopefully this EP foregrounds what we can expect from CHAD! throughout the next year or so – more exciting features and just consistent music!

Consisting of four tracks, the concept of the album follows the narrative of a failing relationship, which is ironic considering the name of the EP which has connotations of peace and calmness – perhaps it is with this EP, that provides CHAD! with some personal closure, marking the end of this particular relationship. Nevertheless, the lyrics displays pure vulnerability and honesty, which any listener cannot let go unnoticed as the artist being truly authentic.

The EP begins with No Reason, a song that introduces with distorted, low, and reverb vocals, which somehow instantly sets that solemn and reflective and (sometimes) lonely scene we go through, when experiencing a break-up. This song just makes you want to remove yourself from the world and introspect and reflect on all your feelings. Missed Miss is a more upbeat track with its (almost) The 1975 inspired guitar riff despite still referencing feeling lost during a heartbreak. CHAD! singing...

‘I didn’t treat you right’

Whilst Ctrl Alt Delete tends more to the R&B side of things, Her Problem, the last song on the EP, brings it back down to this soulful tone, tying the set of work up nicely.

To listen to this EP for yourself, you can stream CHAD! on Spotify, here.

To keep up to date with CHAD!, you can follow his relevant social media platforms, here.


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