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Cheapskate Takes Audiences on a Nostalgic Journey with 'Stumbling' LP

K solo multi-instrumentalist, Cheapskate, unveils his latest musical endeavour with the release of the LP 'Stumbling.' Renowned for his vintage approach to production, Cheapskate crafts a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends jazz, soul, and laid-back lounge elements, forming a quirky backdrop to fragile vocals and eccentric narratives. 

'Stumbling' transports listeners to the grainy late-night ambience of 1970s films, evoking images of smoky jazz lounges and characters sipping whisky throughout its 11-track offering. The LP's overarching theme loosely follows the story of a character in an apartment forced to confront his situation, reflecting on life choices. Each track delves into the emotions of this character, offering wisdom gained after the fact, yet ultimately realizing the permanence of one's identity.

In discussing 'Stumbling,' Cheapskate shares, "With Stumbling, I wanted to create a laid-back, late-night atmosphere and imply the story I pictured in my head. Whether anyone pictures that story is not important. I just want people to hear great music to put their feet up to." 

Hailing from Liverpool and currently based in London, Cheapskate, also known as MJ Jackson, draws inspiration from the hard-bop melodies of Lee Morgan, the storytelling finesse of Georgie Fame, and the upbeat rhythms of Motown. His home studio serves as the creative hub for his laid-back melodic brand of jazz-pop.


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