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Cork band The Lost Gecko's album ‘The Fox and the Lie’ is sublime

If you haven't yet heard of The Lost Gecko, you've been missing out. Welcome to the musically rich world of a band from Cork who are truly incredible songwriters. Make sure to check out their album 'The Fox and the Lie'.

"The Fox and the Lie," the latest album from The Lost Gecko, is a unique and evocative musical exploration of our relationship with nature and the often overlooked cruelty we inflict upon it. This album is not just a collection of songs; it is a profound narrative that delves into the complexities of how we, as humans, interact with the natural world. Through a curation of meticulously crafted tracks, the album paints a vivid picture of the often inhumane ways we treat nature and its inhabitants.

Our personal highlights include the sombre ‘By Catch', inspired by the film 'Whale Rider', as well as ever-so poignant 'Snowdrop’ with it's gorgeous string arrangements.

"The Fox and the Lie" is a powerful and moving experience that goes beyond entertainment. It is a call to action, inviting listeners to reconsider their views and actions towards nature. Through its evocative storytelling and emotional depth, the album seeks to inspire a change in how we perceive and interact with the natural world.

Stream music by The Lost Gecko now here:

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