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Craig Adam Johnston Has Released Catchy New Track 'Right or Wrong'

With his evocative voice and true-to-life songwriting, Craig Adam Johnston is back after a break in his music career with new material bringing musical sincerity in the form of expertly-crafted gems.

Featuring top session musicians on Rhythm section, this track is a luscious blend of contemporary styles and 70s throwback. 'Right or Wrong' showcases Craig's evocative voice and melodic sensibility. His words tell a story and make us want to know more about his musical world. Glasgow-born and London-based, Craig first came to prominence as a folk-inspired acoustic troubadour before expanding his palette to include imaginative pop style arrangements. It comes as no surprise to learn that Craig's music has been featured in several TV programs in the UK and US and has also been chosen 3 times as record of the day (.com).

Furthermore, Craig has been a prolific songwriting collaborator, working with prominent producers including Mike Nielsen (Jamiroquai), Matt Foster (Little Mix), and Robbie Malone (David Gray) whilst supporting acts such as The Hoosiers & Beth Rowley.

'Right or Wrong' has a luscious, funky groove and unforgettable melodies from the very start. The song has masterful tension and release. We hear warm layers of piano and guitar interweave with Craig's vocal. This is an unmissable new single from an artist who is definitely on our ones-to-watch list...

Listen to 'Right or Wrong' here:

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