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Dan Krochmal Releases New Single 'FOMO'

“FOMO” is the acronym for ‘fear of missing out,’ because everybody wants to be where it’s at. Where whatever is happening is taking place. This is all of us if we’re honest. Nobody wants to hear about an exciting event after the fact. Dan Krochmal’s single is a declaration about where he no longer wants to live in this emotional state of worrying about living in the fear of being on the outside looking in.



Krochmal is an Australian-born singer/songwriter. He now calls New York his home, where he’s played the club circuit. You can’t really tell where he’s from when he sings, though.

His single “FOMO” is an engaging, jangly guitar slice of sound. Krochmal sings it in a pure, straight forward voice. This song, at least, draws from the hallowed days of folk-rock, with its folk and rock elements, mixed nicely. “I don’t feel like me at all,” he admits at one point during this four-minute smattering of pop. It must be a common feeling, this fear of missing out, especially while living in such a dynamic city as New York. Something is always happening, but it’s impossible for a person to be in more than one place at once. Krochmal sounds as though he’s just trying to find contentment in life, rather than wondering what’s going on next door or the next street over.

Much like Lou Reed (another famous New York-ian), Krochmal is smitten by writing. In fact, before he turned to writing songs, he was an aspiring novelist who had completed a 92,000-word piece by the tender age of 17.

Like Reed, though, he realized he could accomplish much the same goals through melody and words, rather than with putting pen to paper.

The single “FOMO” is from his upcoming third album. By the way, Krochmal was scouted privately to audition for American Idol. After two successful rounds of producer auditions, he was flown to California,

where he performed for Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

Furthermore, he’s already recorded with some well-known musicians, including players that have played with Demi Lovato, SZA and Iggy Azalea.

While he has these established pop music connections, “FOMO” may bring back fond memories of bands like Wire Train and Translator, back from the ‘80s. Much like REM (and others), these bands reinterpreted some of the jangly folk sounds of the Byrds (and other ‘60s icons) and put these

into a sound that fit with alternative rock at the time. One gets the sense this is happening again, as Krochmal is once again dusting off some much-enjoyed sounds but putting these into more of a 2023 context.

Mind you, this is just one song, and is not to suggest all his songs sound like this one. Nevertheless, it’s good fun to have pleasurable memories of days gone by come up when listening to a new song.


Vocally, Krochmal sings with a clear, pure voice, which is expressive and emotive. He certainly has a distinctive style, which should hopefully take him a long way. Lyrically, he’s a lot more literate and

smarter than the typical pop singer, too, which makes him special in yet one more way. Catch him now, so you don’t have to live the fear of possibly missing out on this promising talent.


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