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Decoding JVLIVS's Sonic Landscape in 'XXI [III-III]'

In a world where art and innovation intersect, JVLIVS emerges as a true visionary—an artist, architect, and alchemist, weaving together sonic musical landscapes that transcend time and space. With the release of his latest album, "XXI [III-III]", JVLIVS invites listeners on a journey through the realms of sound, texture, and imagination.

"XXI [III-III]", available on streaming platforms since December 21st, 2023, marks the culmination of JVLIVS's instrumental trilogy, which began in 2018. Each track on the album serves as a portal to a different dimension, offering glimpses into the artist's multifaceted creative universe. But perhaps none is more emblematic of JVLIVS's prowess than the track, "TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY".

The song transports listeners to a realm where nostalgia meets innovation. Indeed, reminiscent of the French Touch era, the track pulses with infectious energy, propelled by pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies. It's a testament to the skill and ingenuity of French electronic producers, who continue to push the boundaries of electronic music.

What sets "TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY" apart is JVLIVS's fearless experimentation with sound. Throughout the track, he deftly manipulates textures and tones, ensuring that each moment is brimming with intrigue and excitement.

With "TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY", and the album in general, JVLIVS proves himself to be a true master of his art — a sonic alchemist capable of transmuting sound into pure magic. So take a journey into the future with JVLIVS and let "TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY" be your soundtrack to new horizons and endless possibilities.


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