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DeNard Kendricks Drops Unique Trap EP 'City Lights'

DeNard Kendricks's southern drawl, colourful imagery, and translucent honesty has put him amongst hip-hop’s premier emcees. Recently, he released his new EP 'City Lights', chilled-vibe record with sleek production. Let's delve a little deeper...

Opening track 'Trap Jazz' is a smooth, soulful number with beautiful piano and quirky percussion, alongside a cool sample of a car grumbling. The vocal lead is second to none, with heaps of swagger and style. 'Ride into sunset' go the lyrics before continuing: 'Let the roof down / My music is blasting / I'm weaving through traffic'. Indeed, this EP would be a the perfect accompaniment to cruising along on a relaxing ride.

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Fort Worth, TX native, DeNard Kendricks, was born into an eclectic world of music. Jazz, funk, soul, and RnB would be the milk for his formative years. Ultimately hip-hop would be the driving force in his adolescent and teenage years.

The second track 'On the Way' is a little darker than the first, with unusual vocal arrangement adding texture and warmth. There is also a guest vocal on this one, creating a different dynamic. There is a definite touch of Kanye West on this record. We love the use of unusual string instruments which create a rich sonic universe. These aren't merely trap beats as poured out by many, but something a little different. Final track 'Expressway Flow' is a little trippy with a thunderous reggae-style bassline that will have your whole system moving. The groove is killer, and makes the perfect smoking soundtrack for those who love (and even those new) to this musical style. Welcome to the world of DeNard Kendricks; this is something refreshing to the genre, as the artist fuses many musical genres in his own unique shade of funky hip-hop trap.

Make sure to listen for yourself right here - you won't be disappointed that's for sure:


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