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'Dirty Little Secret': The alluring new single from Kings of Carlisle

"Dirty Little Secret" is a gritty rock song about female empowerment in our time. We have had the privilege of interviewing Kings of Carlisle right HERE, if you you'd like to find out more about this artist in his own words. Now we're getting up close and personal with the new single...

The powerful lyrics on this track alongside its utterly infectious bass line show the KOC signature sound that has made this song popular across all social media platforms.

This is an infectious track with a dirty-enough bass to match the song's title. It has epic rock guitar acting as the song's glue, while touches of rhythmic piano adds a sweeter edge. The vocal itself has a classic rock vibe which is sure to stay with you long after hearing; it's powerful tone and entrancing lyrics are beautifully striking. The beat is catchy and upbeat; there's a sense of nostalgia mixed with longing at the song's core. This song feels effortlessly crafted as it is so easy to listen to, yet we imagine a lot of talent and craftsmanship is sure to have gone into this. One things to the likes of Bowie and Fleetwood Mac, with it's edge and class.

With over 300,000 fans from around the world, KOC hopes to continue the momentum by releasing new music every few months. We certainly look forward to hearing more!

'Dirty Little Secret' was released on July 9th 2021 on all major digital platforms. Stream this fantastic song right here and see what all the hype is about:

Visit the official website:


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