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Disco Dicks Unleash their Funky Side on New Dance Rock Track 'Undercover Lover'

Meet analog dance-duo Disco Dicks. Blending danceable ingredients with guitars and funky elements, the musical pair have a knack for creating irresistible cosmic soundscapes.

Now Disco Dicks are ready to unveil their new single ‘Undercover Lover’. The self-produced track shows off what the duo do best. It’s a tantalising offering that fuses vintage funk and sultry vocals with a modern dance rhythm and biting guitars, creating a sonic experience you won’t forget.

Disco Dicks on the meaning behind the track:

“Undercover Lover is a crossover rock/club track meant to blend different people and musical styles together. The lyrics form a short story around a girl that likes to tease but is never giving it all, leading to lonely and heartbroken men in love.”

‘Undercover Lover’ is accompanied with an animated video that depicts the artists flying in a spaceship that gets sucked into a time portal. Vibrant and full of color, the video captures both the energy and the story of the track, after all, we can all liken heartbreak to getting lost into the vast abyss of space.


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