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Discover Meels' Indie Folk World in 'Tales From A Bird’s Bedroom'

Meels’ debut album, ‘Tales From A Bird’s Bedroom’, isn't just a collection of songs—it's a deep dive into her world of introspection and storytelling. With each track, Meels effortlessly weaves themes of nostalgia, nature, and human connections into a tapestry that resonates with wisdom and emotion.

‘Tales From A Bird’s Bedroom’ paints a vivid picture of Meels’ journey, rooted in the tranquility of Mill Valley’s redwoods and shaped by her experiences in New York City. Meels’ voice, tender yet powerful, adds a personal touch to each song, delivering lyrics that resonate with authenticity and charm. Throughout the album, Meels remains ethereal and emotive, as she glides through lush melodies and immersive sonic landscapes, leaving a profound impact that lingers long after the music ends. The album’s standout track, ‘Boyle Park’, is a heartfelt indie-folk anthem that captures moments of self-discovery and growth with its captivating harmonies and sweeping melodies. Speaking on Boyle Park, Meels shares, 

I wrote Boyle Park in my freshman year of college. I was feeling sorry for myself, reminiscing and as I usually do, picked up my guitar to try and redirect some of that sadness into something tangible and productive.  Boyle Park, our local baseball field, was where my friends and I found our fun. Often when I sit down to write I feel like I become somewhat possessed, like the song is already written somewhere and comes through me. My favourite songs are the ones that are written in 20 minutes, Boyle Park was one of those songs.”

Reflecting on the album’s creation, Meels reveals, “The seven songs on the record were written over several years in NYC. I was determined to record them all in one place with the same producers to keep the project cohesive.” This dedication to coherence shines through in every note of ‘Tales From A Bird’s Bedroom’, making it a cohesive journey through Meels’ artistic evolution and personal revelations.

Hailing from Mill Valley, California, Meels’ musical journey began amidst towering redwoods, ultimately leading her to NYU’s Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Her music, influenced by her small-town roots and enriched by her city experiences, resonates deeply with listeners. Tracks like ‘Time to Rise’ have found resonance beyond the indie scene, featured prominently on ABC’s “Grown-ish” and garnering over 70,000 streams on Spotify. With hits like ‘Royal Flush’ and ‘December 5th’ captivating audiences, Meels is poised to carve out a lasting place in music with ‘Tales From A Bird’s Bedroom’.

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