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Diving into the Hypnotic Soundscape of ZUSO's 'Miss You'

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, there emerges an Australian producer who goes by the name Gabriel Cuenca, the creative force behind the entrancing project known as ZUSO. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8, and Flume, Cuenca is shaping a unique and invigorating atmospheric-house sound that resonates deeply with fans of the genre. With two outstanding singles already under his belt, 'Higher' and 'Aurora', ZUSO has ignited a sense of anticipation for the promising musical journey that lies ahead.

And now, as the days stretch into nights, ZUSO unveils his latest sonic creation: 'Miss You'. A track that weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, 'Miss You' encapsulates the essence of ZUSO's musical ethos – a pulsating beat, ethereal atmospherics, and echoing synths blend seamlessly to create an immersive sonic experience.

Cuenca reveals that 'Miss You' was inspired by DJ Seinfeld's "These Things Will Come To Be". It's as if the torch of inspiration was passed between artists, and ZUSO took that inspiration and transformed it into something uniquely his own. The incorporation of a voicemail recording or sample adds a layer of depth and emotion, much like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered within the folds of the music. It's a connection that resonates on a profound level, bringing to life the seamless fusion of influences and creativity.

'Miss You' is more than just a song; it's a journey into the recesses of introspection and emotion. Cuenca crafted this track with a soulful and deep intent, a musical companion for those late-night drives and contemplative moments we all encounter. The dreamy and hypnotic groove of the track serves as a portal to another realm – a realm where emotions and thoughts intertwine, allowing listeners to get lost in its intricate melodies.

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