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DJ And Producer Joris Delacroix Releases New Track ‘Homie’

A beautiful, dreamy soundscape that explores far past the boundaries of just house music, Joris Delacroix releases his latest track, Homie. Following from the success with his previous releases, Early Hours and Need Your Attention, Delacroix is destined to propel far beyond what is known, in 2022.

The four-minute-long track opens with a comforting and relaxing exposition before zooming into some resounding synths and a beat that drives the interesting melodies in the song. As described by Delacroix himself, the track is sonically reminiscent of Stephan Bodzin, Ben Bohmer and Jan Blomqvist and thus a stylistic hybrid between house and electronica. Being from Montpellier in France, it is these kinds of artists, along with Daft Punk, that is undoubtably inherent in Joris’ work.

Released on the 30th of November 2021, Homie is now out on all relevant streaming platforms.

Follow Joris Delacrois here: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Soundcloud - Youtube - Instagram - Spotify

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