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'Don’t Fxck With Me' Is The Latest Single From RockStar Major And Willing Wanna

A hype-up track that is certainly destined to get you up and dancing in a club, Don’t Fxck With Me is the most recent release from Willing Wanna featuring Rockstar Major. Serving all the best kinds of afro beats and reggae rhythms, this track drops on the 11th of January 2022.

With a catchy opening as soon as you press play on the song, the track is filled from start to finish with tasty hooks that you can’t get out of your mouth:

‘I’m losing my cool, I’m losing my cool’

A song about setting boundaries, having respect, and allowing space, the lyrics are full of serious notions, and shouldn’t be overlooked by the powerful production that the track holds and develops into. The song is packed full of different flavours, which is certainly set to feed the fans of the pair who have been waiting for new music since 2021.

Whilst Rockstar Major hails in from Washington D.C, Willing Wanna hails from the Volta Region of Ghana – the two coming together to make a powerful and musically unmatched duo, who are destined for even more greater things.

To stream the single – Don't Fxck With Me – you can listen on Spotify and all other relevant streaming platforms, here.

Keep up to date with RockStar Major, here.

And Willing Wanna, here.


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