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Dutch Criminal Record Drops Infectious New Single 'Now or Never'

Photo credit: Indy Brewer

Hailing from Chichester but now proudly calling Brighton home, Dutch Criminal Record is a trio that knows how to craft the perfect summer soundtrack. Their music effortlessly blends heartfelt lyrics, synths, and big pop hooks into a musical cocktail that's impossible to resist.

Produced by Rob Quickenden alongside Dutch Criminal Record themselves, their new track "Now or Never" captures the band's signature feel-good feel while delivering a dose of vibrant melodies and buoyant, jangly guitar lines.

The track began as a humble acoustic guitar demo before evolving into the energetic anthem it is today. Sam Thrussell, the vocalist and writer of the track, shares insights into its evolution: "The song itself is about acknowledging your mistakes and shortcomings and hopefully becoming a better person from that as a result."

With each release, Dutch Criminal Record continues to push the boundaries of their sound, captivating audiences with their unique blend of indie pop sensibilities and rock-inspired energy. And with a summer full of festivals and a highly anticipated tour on the horizon, the band is gearing up to share their infectious music with fans old and new.

Upcoming tour dates: 

25/05 - A Stones Throw 

12/07 - Jurassic Fields 

20/07 - Forest Fest 

26/07 - Secret Garden Party 

24/08 - Camper Calling 

25/08 - Victorious 

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