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“My Eyelash Girl” Expands the World of Ginko Bugs

Ginko Bugs has returned with his latest single, “My Eyelash Girl.” The anthemic song begs to be sung with its infectious hook and sincere message, a love letter to that special someone with their special look. With an accessible sound that harkens to classic bands (notes of The Beatles’ sonics and Bowie-esque vocals float around), sonic complexity arises in a heavier bridge. Fans of the power pop of yesteryear will find themselves gravitating to this modern twist. 

Ginko Bugs is the artist moniker of Stockholm-based musician Erik Åredal, who conceptualized not only the fictitious group but its entire backstory. The storyline revolves around Lieutenant Bo Biloba & Crew, with Åredal playing the part of the main vocalist. It is no surprise that his influences come from the very hints you can hear in his work, with Ziggy Stardust and The Beatles Singles Collection 1962-1970 soundtracking his childhood. It was then that he went on to form Ginko Biloba, a group of various local musicians who were eventually signed in Sweden in 1992 and released successful projects together until 2000. It was after years of hiatus that Åredal was persuaded to take up his music once more in 2018, this time as a solo act under a similar moniker. Previous releases have received praise from Alt77, Nagamag, and Obscure Sounds.

“My Eyelash Girl” is a culmination of all the staples of Ginko Bugs releases - bold drums, smooth vocals, and classic call-back harmonies. “For me, like in every song I create, the melody, structure and feeling are in the words and after that everything comes to me through some channel, like an energy wave, that I just catch and go with the flow,” Åredal explains. With full production and atmospheric interludes, each instrument gets its own chance to shine, seamlessly blending into the easy-listening-meets-classic-rock that we seem to have all missed from the radio.


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