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Dylon Maggio rises to the top with pop anthem 'Fire in the Room'

Dylan Maggio is a man who has truly combined two creative passions together and ignited a whole new flame. Involved in modelling from a young age, Maggio always had a desire to pursue music at some stage, and we're so glad that he has. He's released a multitude of singles, with the latest being arguably his best yet in 'Fire in the Room'.

Synth driven and melodically fantastic throughout, it's clear that Dylon knows the perfect recipe to make a modern pop hit. Infectious from the first second, 'Fire in the Room' could stand amongst the biggest and best hits on the radio today and not sound out of place. The hooks will stay in your head and make you want to listen just 'one more time', the sign of a brilliant track. Dylon Maggio is looking like he is going to have a big 2023, with his sights set to the very top.

Stream 'Fire in the Room' here:


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