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Echoofmyvoice Expected To Release New Track: Void

A track that begins with soft, classical, and unassuming piano melodies but turns into an unexpected house and EDM infused banger, perfect to fill the musical ‘Void’ at a summer beach party, Echoofmyvoice, or otherwise known as Bohus Michalko, displays his great passion for music and sound, in his latest work of art – Void.

The three-minute-long track, at its core, began as a simple chord progression, as Michalko and his friend were exploring ideas at the very beginning of this creative process. Adding here and there the lyrics and working on the bass line, fleshing everything out that comes with its perfected production too, almost 15 years later, the track stands strong now, as we know it.

Whilst exploring the notions on dealing with difficult things in life and general hardship, through the lyrics, this track still somehow overwhelmingly holds up a layer of hope and optimism, which is a perfect blend to intrigue the consumer.

Following on from his previous 2020 release, 112, Michalko unveils yet again his ability to create meaningful work, with a catchy and hearty hook, that you cannot get out of your head. This new track is due for release on the 4th of February, this year.

You can pre-save the single here on Spotify

To stay up to date with music from Echoofmyvoice, you can reach him on these social media platforms:


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