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ELASKIA shares raw emotion in stunning new single 'Love is'

Australian singer-songwriter ELASKIA has recently returned with her soothing new single 'Love is'. Featuring a stripped back soundscape and ELASKIA's soulful vocals, the track tells the story of dealing with heartache.

“I wrote this song during the last lockdown when it felt like the music industry had hit its lowest point. I felt completely and utterly devastated that I couldn't perform music and I wondered if it would ever feel normal again. It broke my heart and I felt like I was going through the biggest breakup of my life. So I wrote this about that breakup and how no-one can prepare you for how painful loving something can be when it's suddenly taken away from you. I feel like I had to do a lot of growing up in the past couple of years and I wanted this song to represent that pain and growth.”

The new single arrives with a touching new music video, which flicks between ELASKIA in the present day and heart-warming home videos, presumably from ELASKIA's childhood. The visual perfectly captures the themes of vulnerability and growth that run through 'Love is'

Watch the official music video below:

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