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Electro-Pop artist Jay Hofman Releases Latest Single ‘Good Kind (To Me)' ft. Voilàh

Manchester-based electro-pop artist Jay Hofman returns with a mesmerizing new single, 'Good Kind (To Me)', featuring the dynamic vocals of Voilàh. This vibrant track, taken from Hofman’s latest album 'Commentarium de Paradiso', showcases his artistic evolution and commitment to creating infectious, feel-good music.

 Inspired by moments of joy and happiness, 'Good Kind (To Me)' captures the essence of pure bliss and the desire to share that joy with the world. The track centres on the realization that you've found someone who is both good and kind, encapsulating the magic of perfect companionship. 

Written during a holiday in Denia, Spain, the song radiates the warmth and spontaneity of its inception. Hofman describes the creative process as a "spontaneous burst of creativity" that came together in just five minutes. His decision to feature Voilàh, whom he met at a dance show, added a unique dimension to the track, enriching its playful and light-hearted vibe.

In 'Good Kind (To Me)', Jay Hofman delivers a track that is both uplifting and reflective, capturing the essence of joy and the beauty of meaningful connections. Offering a preview of his latest album 'Commentarium de Paradiso', this single sets the stage for an album that promises to be a rich and multifaceted musical journey. Fans of Hofman’s eclectic style and newcomers alike will find much to love in this latest release, marking another milestone in Hofman's impressive career.


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