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  • lauryverdoux

Embark on a Cosmic Journey with Trys' Track "Exploration"

"Exploration" sets the stage for an odyssey through soundscapes, marking the opening track of Trys' debut EP, "Gravity". Within this melodic techno/ambient masterpiece lies a musical and cosmic journey waiting to unfold.

As the first notes resonate, listeners are transported on an introspective voyage into the heart of the universe. The melodies and arpeggios unfold gracefully, guiding the listener through a sonic expedition where time seems to stretch and accelerate to the rhythm of synthesizers. The ebb and flow of harmonies mirror cosmic cycles, while layers of synths and percussion evoke the vastness of interstellar space. "Exploration" is an invitation to reflection and contemplation.

Drawing inspiration from the boundless expanse of the universe, Trys weaves a sonic tapestry that reflects the celestial beauty of galaxies and the enigmatic mysteries of the cosmos. His music is a symphony of emotions, ranging from euphoria to introspection. With vivid landscapes of sound, Trys allows listeners to transcend the boundaries of reality and explore the infinite possibilities of their imagination.

Trained extensively at the conservatory, Trys seamlessly blends influences from classical training, jazz improvisation, and a deep love for electronic music. This unique fusion manifests in captivating compositions characterized by intricate melodies, ethereal textures, and meticulously crafted rhythms. With a keen ability to evoke emotions through sound, Trys creates immersive landscapes that beckon listeners to embark on a sonic voyage.

"Exploration" serves as a gateway to the sonic universe of Trys, inviting listeners to lose themselves in a cosmos of sound and emotion. As the debut track of "Gravity", it sets the stage for an EP that promises to elevate the mind and elevate the spirit. So, immerse yourself in the ethereal melodies of Trys and embark on a cosmic journey unlike any other.


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