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Emerging alt-pop artist a_shes unveils introspective single ‘red flags’

With his first release of the year, ‘red flags’, the hybrid-pop artist a_shes returns to the spotlight. This dreamy and captivating single draws inspiration from boundary-pushing musicians like Lorde, Sky Ferreira, and The 1975. By blending an irresistible pop hook with a shimmering soundscape and melancholic lyrics, ‘red flags’ presents a bittersweet anthem that showcases a_shes’ exceptional artistry.

In a statement about the track, a_shes describes it as a synth-rock throwback that delves into the complicated and perplexing realm of love and sexuality as a young adult. Through ‘red flags’, a_shes explores the lengths to which we go to avoid loneliness and feel wanted, often engaging in self-destructive behaviour.

With 'red flags', a_shes aims to further establish himself in the indie music scene, and this synth-rock creation is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Listen to ‘red flags’ below:

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