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Archibald Smith Unveils Soulful Journey with "Broadway"

Archibald Smith, the talented artist hailing from France, brings forth a soul-stirring narrative with his latest release, "Broadway". Born to Congolese roots, Smith's musical journey began at the tender age of 12 when he penned his first lyrics. Influenced by the vibrant sounds of the south including Funk, G-funk, and dirty south, his upbringing in bustling neighborhoods ignited his passion for music and hit culture.

Earning accolades as a diamond-certified songwriter for his contribution to Aya Nakamura's "Pookie", Smith's artistic endeavors extend beyond music into acting and modeling, representing France in beauty pageants during Fashion Week 2012. Known for his altruism, Smith has consistently lent his talent and energy to uplift others.

"Broadway" transcends borders, inviting listeners into Smith's world of love and self-discovery. The accompanying visual, directed by Djo Calmant, takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through Iceland, as Smith searches for his beloved amidst stunning landscapes. With production by Chris Mapplepack and Edwin Ziegler, "Broadway" is a testament to Smith's authentic storytelling and captivating artistry, elevating and uniting audiences worldwide.

Experience the magic of "Broadway" and embark on a transcendent journey with Archibald Smith.


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