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Emerging singer-songwriter Gem Chantelle shines in vivid pop single 'Temporary'

An artist that's about to become a household name, Gem Chantelle may still be at the beginning of her musical journey, but it's looking to be promising. 'Temporary' explains why this artist is destined for greatness simply because of its polished attire. Produced by Jamie McArdle, the distinctive pop melody throughout 'Temporary' will leave you glued to it and singing it constantly.

Sharing her thoughts on the vivid new single, Gem Chantelle explains, “I wrote Temporary about the constant changes that we're faced with as we grow. Relationships come and go, along with friendships and everything else. I've always struggled with the idea that nothing is permanent, but now I understand that change can offer so many possibilities if you embrace it.”

Bathed in ear-worm melodies and an exceptional vocal tone, ‘Temporary’ is a glistening single bound to become even a summer hit or a TikTok sensation - or both! Influenced by the likes of Ariana Grande, James Blake, Rihanna and Sabrina Claudio to name a few, Gem Chantelle is instantly recognisable and is known for her honest lyricism.


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