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Emerging talent Sherif Abdelmeged entrances us with mellow soul-pop

Egyptian guitarist and singer-songwriter Sherif Abdelmeged delivers beautiful soul-pop, which has elements of rock and blues. His latest work, a curation of seven tracks grouped under the title ‘Mazzika Akher Elleil’, offers the listener a truly entrancing album.

Opening track 'Anecdote' gives us immediate hints of Tricky’s ‘Maxinquaye’, with a spoken word style vocal delivered in the artist's mother tongue. Next track ‘Late Night Nostalgia’ throws us more groove in a soulful style that will have good vibes flowing through your veins. This instrumental has gorgeous layers of synth too, with a nod to Childish Gambino. ‘Just You’ introduces some guitar to the mix, and carries on the same nostalgic feels, before an R&B rhythm section hits. ‘November’ has some Neo-soul style chords and offers a real laid-back, soulful experience with an insatiable bass and dreamy, high-end synth tones.

We are loving this album. Don’t skip by tracks ‘Vagueness’, featuring a gorgeous old-school sample and ‘Vietnam’ either, which is more trap-guitar style with a little ode to the Middle East; the most unusual track on the album and worth savouring. Final thoughts with closing track ‘Thoughts’ rounds off the listening experience smoothly with lovely layers of strings. Now hit repeat because you'll want to listen to it from the top again! This whole album is such easy-listening which also has richness and depth at its heart. For lovers of Portishead, Childish Gambino, Massive Attack and Sevdaliza.

Watch Sherif's promo video:

‘Mazzika Akher Elleil' is available to stream & download

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