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Emily Jean Flack unveils beautiful fusion of Folk and Pop with 'How You Love Me' Album

Emily Jean Flack just returned with her latest album 'How You Love Me'. With her gorgeously pure vocals and a penchant for infusing electronic textures into her Celtic roots, Emily has established herself as a unique talent in the music industry.

Emily Jean Flack, known as EJF, has a distinctive approach to her music. She seamlessly blends the rich tones of traditional folk instrumentation with the contemporary sounds of pop production. The result is a breathtaking soundscape that incorporates elements such as warming synths, electronic effects, pianos, and guitars, alongside fiddles, flutes, whistles, and mandolins. What truly sets her music apart is Emily's soaring vocals, which serve as the guiding light for her varied instrumentation.

Recording in Grimsby, Ontario, Emily collaborated with Aaron Brown and Bradley Barnham, collectively known as Family of Thing, to produce the album. The collaboration allowed for a fascinating interplay of different musical influences, ultimately giving birth to a sound that deftly weaves together folk and contemporary production.

Emily reflects on this journey, saying, "I had moved home to Canada. When it was time to record, it was almost like starting from ground zero. I had heard of Brad and Aaron through a mutual friend and loved the music they had released previously. I thought that while our sounds were very different, they had a melodic sensibility that was close to mine and were very rhythm-driven. I thought it was worth a shot to reach out! The rest is history. Looking back, I recognize how much I was craving to take some chances with my sound. The collaboration was perfect for me to be able to bring my roots into the indie-pop space. Talk about being terrified and liberated all at the same time!"

'How You Love Me' is a collection of stories that touch on love, pain, and personal growth. Emily's songwriting is a deeply personal process that serves as an outlet for her to grapple with her own emotions. She believes that music is a sanctuary where one can explore the full spectrum of human emotions, a place that requires vulnerability. For Emily, music is just that - a means to delve deep into her heart and soul.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

October - Celtic Colours (w/ Shane Cook) October - Folk Music Ontario 2023 October - Celtic Heartbeat Germany 2023 w/ Léda

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